Jose Manuel takes home $57,991 from the WSOP

This entry was posted on Sunday, July 19th, 2009 at 6:02 pm
Jose Manuel Gomez Rabenaque

Jose Manuel Gomez Rabenaque

Our Spanish Titan, Jose Manuel Gomez Rabenaque, finished 83rd in the world’s most exclusive poker tournament. The experience and the emotional rollercoaster ride did not only leave him with stories to pass on for generations to come, but also a modest $57,991 in cash. The engineer from Cuenca in Spain, gave a remarkable performance in his first Las Vegas WSOP.

Our Titan Blog reporter Samantha managed to catch up with Jose over the phone following his return to his busy life in Spain. “I am very happy to have finished 83rd, but one always has a feeling that you could have done better” Jose began. “I never imagined that I would get so far, knowing that there would be 6,500 other players. On the first day, I started well… I had 30,000 chips, and after only 2 hours, I doubled my stack. Then I plummeted to 20,000 and things stayed that way for a long time. That was until I decided to go for all or nothing. It was fortunate that I won and managed to pass the day.” When asked by Samantha about the mounting pressure in the tournament, Jose answered as follows: “There was a moment where I lost 0.5 million chips in 20 minutes. I had 700,000, but the blinds were increasing and so it was becoming more difficult over time.”

Jose was more than pleased with the Titan Poker staff in Las Vegas. “They were good, very nice people, and they treated me well. The thing I like best about Titan Poker is the support. They always help me right away and they solve my problems.”

The EPT in Barcelona in 2007 was Jose’s first offline event. He has been with Titan Poker since 2006 and he can be found on the site usually 3-4 hours per day after work. In the past he won the $250,000 Guaranteed tournament and he also took first place in $400,000 Guaranteed.

Folks, all we can say is that you had better watch out for this Spanish shark.



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